Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Photographers

If you are a wedding and/or lifestyle photographer, a baby photographer or a family photographer, or you’re someone who specialises in novelty portraits, if you think that sharing images and stories from your session is enough to build you business, you are mistaken, my friend.

Sure, you will book appointments just on the basis of your portfolio for a while (especially because your work is super awesome!), but if you are interested in GROWING your brand many folds over, have so much business coming your way that you want to be able to CHOOSE the projects your undertake, if you want to be a VALUED artist (the kind who can charge a premium for weekend shoots!), then yes, you probably need to do more than just share the photos you take.

People – all kinds of people – are interested in valuable information. People are constantly searching the web for answers to all kinds of problems (or just dilemmas) that they may have. What if you could reach out to the millions of people searching for solutions, take them with you on your journey, allow THEM to be your marketers and have THEM promote you and your business to their friends and family?

Guess what, you can. And you will.

In this post I’m going to tell you exactly how to create content that will grab the attention of your target audience, convert them into friends and fans of yours and will propel them to talk (well!) about you to their friends and family.

You can do all of this by doing one simple thing – solving their problems with your knowledge.

There are only three steps:

1. Know your target audience

I know every body tells you to know your target audience – you know why? Because it’s FREAKIN’ important. You may not have a list of exact traits you’re looking for. You don’t need to. You need to have a broad idea about them to the extent it enables you to get a peek into their minds about what problems they face & what solutions you can offer. Even a description like “people like me” is okay – I would say its a great place (unless of course, you’re a 22 year old photographer looking to shoot glamour portraits of 50+ year olds) (if you’re a 22 year old photographer looking to shoot weddings, then yeah – you’re at a good starting place!). So get to know who your target audience is. I have some guidance on this below for Wedding, Newborn, Baby and Family Photographers.

2. Think about their problems and write content directly solving the problems

Now that you know your target audience, think a little about what problems could they be facing? I do this by heading to Instagram and scrolling through feeds of my audience. I see what kind of questions they are asking people, what kinds of conversations they are having. I read their blogs and see what are the places they struggle the most. I check what kind of questions do they google the most.

Once you know what problems they face (and there will be MANY – limitless, in fact), start writing good quality articles drawing upon your OWN experience which would be genuinely helpful to them. I’ve given a few examples of this for Wedding, Newborn, Baby and Family Photographers below.

3. Be consistent with your posting schedule

Now that you have started posting content, BE CONSISTENT. Trust me, this is way harder than it seems, and is absolutely the most important thing to keep in mind while you’re growing your tribe. You don’t randomly want to desert your audience when they are expecting a post from you, and you also don’t want to bombard them with content all at the same time, which can look spammy. Apart from consistency in posting schedule, make sure you also use consistent GRAPHICS, so that the minute your graphic shows up on Pinterest or Instagram, your audience knows its from YOU before even clicking on it. It leads to trust dependability. Two key factors in encouraging people to talk about you and recommend your services.

Content Marketing for Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers’ target audience are bride-to-bes, as well as their moms and friends of brides (the people brides take advice from). Basically, women who are involved in wedding planning and have the right to take decisions.

Content marketing topic Ideas for wedding photographers:

  • Ideal Wedding Timeline to Get the Most From Your Wedding Photography
  • Bridal Make up Inspiration that result in great photos
  • Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids
  • Must have Photos List for Bride & Bridal Party
Content Marketing for Newborn and Baby Photographers

The target audience for Newborn and Baby Photographers comprises expecting mothers and new mothers. If you are based out of a large city, then you can also consider targeting new mothers who work out of the house.

Content marketing topic ideas for newborn & baby photographers:

  • Figure flattering Maternity Outfits which every mum-to-be must have
  • Planning your Newborn Photoshoot even before your baby is born
  • How to get back in shape within 3 months after delivery
  • Top Tips for working mamas and how to transition back into office life post baby
Content Marketing for Family & Lifestyle Photographers

The target audience for Family & Lifestyle Photographers is made up of established families, families with young children, dual income households with enough disposable income who value heirloom images of their family.

 Content marketing topic ideas for family & lifestyle photographers

  • Photo Friendly AND toddler friendly home decor ideas
  • How to deal with toddler meltdowns in public spaces
  • 10 Tips to stay prepared with family photos before Christmas rush
  • 20 Heirloom album designs which double as gorgeous coffee table books for your home

That’s IT, folks. It’s really that simple. Now go do it!

Stay tuned to this space as I’ll be releasing a FREE Pinterest + Instagram Template on here soon!

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