Clipart Licenses

By purchasing anything from the Clipart Section, you agree to be bound by & to follow the following license terms & conditions. Please be sure to be familiar with them! We do check usage once in a while, and take copyright seriously.

All our freebies are licensed under the “Personal Use” License. See Business Resources Licenses here.

Note that the commercial use licenses sold here (including the Large Commercial Use License) are meant for small business use. Any use that involves large scale / mass manufacturing / broadcast requires specific licensing. Please contact me in such cases, as I do offer custom licenses for such use.

Usage Restrictions

  1. You can use the artwork only as a PART of your finished product for sale. You must add some of your own work to it before selling it.
  2. You CANNOT SELL any product with ONLY this artwork in it.
  3. You CANNOT SELL any product you make with this which COMPETES with the product you bought.
  4.  You cannot create any design resource for sale (such as digital papers, cliparts, vectors) using this artwork.
  5.  You cannot share or sell these files or offer them as freebies.
  6. You cannot share any layered file where these graphics have been layered. Please flatten files before sharing them.
  7. You cannot claim copyright or trademark designs containing the resources.
  8. You cannot sub-license the design.
  9. While you are not required to give credit, you cannot claim any of these designs as your own.
  10. Not allowed: Embedding the graphics into a program to allow multiple customers access to use the graphics (albeit within the program) is not permitted. Please contact me for a Server License for such use.

Personal Use License

Use in unlimited personal projects for yourself & for your own non-profit (not for sale)

Use in your own business for creating things which are not for sale

Unlimited prints & digital imprints

Can use on POD (print on demand) sites like Zazzle, Society6 etc. for purely personal projects

Examples: Use in your own personal or business logo, branding, blog, website, wedding invitation, marketing materials, social media posts, kid’s birthday party invitation, website graphics


Small Commercial License

Use in unlimited personal & commercial projects  (client work and items for sale)

Create items for sale for your own business, for clients & others’ non-profit cause

1000 total (max) prints and digital imprints

Cannot use to sell products on POD sites like Zazzle, Society6 etc. (but can create custom products for clients using these sites)

Cannot create digital templates to sell

Examples: Make printable / printed invitations for your shop, for your clients, make branding kits for your shop / client, incorporate in larger designs for products (like stationery, art prints etc.)


Template License (Commercial)

Everything in Small Commercial License + the ability to use in templates, ONLY when the graphics cannot be taken out of the template program

Make unlimited digital editable template products for sale (for your own shop only)

Make unlimited sales to customers for their personal use only (cannot make templates for other designers to sell)

Make templates with moveable graphics (but cannot be taken out of the template program)

Make products to sell products on Print-On-Demand sites like Zazzle, Society6 etc.

Examples of Uses are PDF digital templates, editable templates on Templett, products on POD sites

Large Commercial License

Everything in Small Commercial + Template License plus the following:

Unlimited print and digital imprints

Examples of Uses are same as Small Commercial & Template License, but you need not keep track of quantities you sell



1. What counts as a print and digital imprint?

1 print is 1 physical print which utilises the design. So say you print 50 copies of an invitation you’ve designed using these resources. That’s 50 prints.

1 digital imprint is 1 digital download/sale per product. Say you have created a printable wedding invitation. Each time it sells – that’s a digital imprint. Each time wedding suite with 5 pieces sells (where each piece has utilised the design element), that’s 5 digital imprints.

2. I don’t want to think about how many projects I use a product in, which license should I buy?

Large Commercial License – with this license, you can use the design in unlimited commercial projects, create unlimited prints & digital imprints.

3. I want to create Invitation Templates to sell, can I?

Yes, but only with the Special Template License. To purchase this type of license, on the product page, click on the drop down menu for “License Options” and select Template License.  I do check usage from time to time so be sure to have the proper licensing in place.

4. I am a Wedding Designer & I want to use the same clipart for many brides!

You need the Small Commercial License as this is use in “client work” if it’s for small runs of print (under 1000 prints). If you need to print large quantities, you need the Large Commercial License.

5. Can I use your graphics to make a invitation designs for my client?

Yes, you absolutely can! For this, you need the Small Commercial License or Template License or Large Commercial License. The Personal Use license does not cover client work.

Have a question? Drop me a line & I’ll be happy to guide you.

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