Wedding Invitations, Birthday Party Cards & Logos Using Watercolor Clipart

When I’m looking for inspiration on what watercolor clipart set to create next, or just want to spend a few minutes (read hours) looking at pretty things, my go to destination is Instagram. I love looking at gorgeous work made by others, and also seeing the process behind how they made it. A lot of times, that gives me the confidence to know that I can too, with a little bit of training.

I know that a lot of lovely customers who buy my digital watercolor clipart – all the flowers and watercolor brush strokes of the world – often use them for DIY design projects of their own. I love seeing what they make and am always blown away by the insane amount of talent that shines through these projects.

Here I’m sharing a few DIY projects which some lovely customers undertook & were sweet enough to share with me.

Royally Yours Princess Parties by Christina

First of all, can we please get an Amen for such an AMAZING concept and company?! I wish Royally Yours Princess Parties existed when I was a little girl! Being a fan of all things Disney and a total lover of Princesses (I love you allllll Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White allll of you), I grew up living in these worlds, dreaming of them, watching cartoons and movies with them in it, and I was also a die hard fan of the game – Aladdin!

A few months back Christina started this gorgeous company and used our Coral Peonies Watercolor Clipart set to embellish her brand! You can see those cute watercolor flowers and bouquets propping up the dainty pink crown in the logo – and in other places on the website. Click on the image to visit this gorgeous website!

Princess Theme Parties Website Design

Check out these darling princesses… which little girl wouldn’t want them at their birthday party?! Check out their Instagram handle for more such lovelies. I’m following them and I love my feed!

Princess Theme Parties Website Design 2

Barn Wedding Invitation Suite by Megan Scully

This insanely talented bride-to-be took things into her own hands and designed this gorgeous invitation suite using our Rustic Watercolor Florals Pack. I love how she has played with the bouquet combinations and made her invitations truly unique!

Meg, I’d love to see how these looked printed and styled AT YOUR WEDDING, so please send me photos from your wedding photographer when you have them! I’m sure they’ll have a great time photographing your gorgeous wedding.


Minimalist Wedding Invitations by Nicole Ann

Nicole is an incredibly talented photographer, and also a super awesome customer, who made these elegant, sophisticated wedding invitations using our Elegance – Watercolor Clipart pack.

Please note how she has exercised restraint in designing this gorgeous and elegant wedding invitation for her own special day. Thank you for sharing these Nicole! I’d love to see the printed and styled photos that your wedding photographer takes of your wedding stationery! (psst. I used to be a wedding & lifestyle photographer – hence the obsession with seeing pro photographs!). All you bride-to-bes out there, if you are planning on splurging on just ONE element of your wedding, make that photography please. Everything else will be gone the day after, but your photos stay with your for your whole life (and after). End of unsolicited wedding advice-cum-rant.

Minimalist Scandic Wedding Invitation

Greenery Watercolor Birthday Party Invitation by Alaina

Oh Alaina, how talented are you?! Alaina designed this beautiful Greenery inspired Watercolor Birthday Party Invitation Card using elements from our Watercolor Greenery  Clipart pack. She expertly arranged individual elements into this cute green wreath bursting with green leaves, branches and foliage. I love everything about this sweet invite, and I’m wishing your littles a wonderful birthday and an even better year filled with love & joy!

Greenery Watercolor Birthday Party Invitation Card

If you are an Essem shopper, and have created something with your purchase, please email me your design at essemcreatives [@] – I’d love to see and feature your work!

If you want to check out our ever expanding collection of fun watercolor clipart bundles, you can head to our shop right away!



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