DIY Moon Phase Starry Night Nursery Wall Art

Today we are featuring Graphic Designer, Artist & Educator – Raena Bacon, creator of this beautiful Moon Phase Starry Night Nursery Wall Art.

Raena is a mom to two kids (and one on the way!) and a wife. She has always loved art and being creative and holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. She also works full time with 3-5 graders as a special education instructional assistant. Raena creates beautiful and playful designs for children’s events & milestones and is generous enough to share her gift with the world through her Etsy shop.

Recently, Raena created this stunning Moon Phase Nursery Wall Art as a custom design project. She has made use of one of our Galaxy watercolor backgrounds (yeay!! thank you Raena!) along with other clipart and design elements! Take a look here below, and share it with a friend!

If you’re short of inspiration for your next DIY project (you can use some backgrounds from here), or are looking to gift something like this to a momma friend of yours, head over to Raena’s shop! Be sure to show some love to the artwork too :)

Moon Phase Starry Night Nursery Wall Art

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