Morning Routine of a Work From Home Artist and Why It’s Important to Me

I am a work-from-home artist-designer and I LOVE my Morning Routine. I am crazy possessive about it, and I really look forward to it before I go to sleep the previous night. You have probably read about the importance of morning routines, how they help one focus, achieve their goals faster, yada yada. I had also read a lot, but then I realised that whether you realise it or not, even YOU have a morning routine. Every person does some repetitive activity every single morning before “starting their day” officially. It’s just that some are mindful about what goes into that routine, and some are not. A few months back I decided to be decisive about what goes into my Morning Routine (and barring a few tweaks once every few weeks), I’ve stuck to it!

My Morning Routine As a work from home artist

It’s a mix of deep breathing, about 10 minutes of meditation, my breakfast along with some positive Instagramming, followed by Green Tea. I love checking out my favourite positive Instagram accounts because it supercharges my day with energy and enthusiasm. I’m a closet IG addict, but I’ve learnt sooo much from it that I can’t think of it as anything but beneficial (in small doses, ha ha).

It’s important for us self-driven creative entrepreneurs to make sure that our day starts off on the right vein. You see, if it doesn’t, and we end up wasting time doing crap, then nobody else suffers but us. Add to that that there’s no longer any incentive to even have a fixed morning routine (well, that is, if you’ve said bye bye to your corp job and no longer need to run out the door each morning). It’s super important to have some semblance of a routine so that we are productive and kick that to-do list’s (and goals list’s, and LIFE list’s) buns.

I know, there is no exercise in my routine. The thing is, I feel the need to eat something and have green tea when I wake up. So exercise takes a punch in the gut due to this desire. I guess at some point I’ll figure out how to do that. May be do another 30 Day Challenge ;)

Am I missing something?

Tell me if I should incorporate some thing else into my morning routine! What is YOUR morning routine? Tell me in the comments below.

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