Give it time

To give you a brief introduction, sweet reader, BlogOwner, the owner of this blog, is someone who has moved from a traditional corporate job into the mad, constantly changing world of do-what-you-love and is really just trying to make it from goal post to goal post (you know when you set goals for yourself, and then revise them mid way, and then start with new goals and so on?)

Today is one of those days when BO is not crazy productive (like those bursts of 2 hours every 10-12 hours) when you’re “in the zone” and can tackle even the most boring or irritating of tasks with ease? All BO wants to do is take a moment here to acknowledge that what is being built here, is, awesome. It may not be complete. It may be in its beta phase, not yet ready to go out there into the world, but its being building. Building any thing of value takes time, patience, love and care. Self made businesses rarely spring out overnight. They may appear to have sprung up overnight, but only the person behind that venture can really tell you whether that’s the case. Stuff that lasts takes a little while longer than boiling a saucepan of water to build. And that’s good. Because then you have systems in place, processes in place, a lot of loving vibrant energy would have gone into building that baby. So give it time – note to self, from BO to BO – give it time.

What do you think?