Learn Photography Skills for Your Photography Business

So if you’re looking to start a photography business – if you want to learn the basics of ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed or how to go about setting up your wedding photography business or portrait photography business, you should consider investing in some of Rob and Lauren’s photography courses. When I was starting out with my photography gig, I used their “Extremely Essential Camera Skills” course to really learn manual mode on my camera. I started out with my learning on a modest Sony RX100 and then my Canon 700D. Rob & Lauren’s course was absolutely perfect to learn what each button and function does and then teamed up with lots (and lots) of practice, I was soon booking clients and had a full time photography business.

I also used their “Super Photo Editing Skills” and I kid you not – it is the easiest way to learn Lightroom. It’s as essential as “Extremely Essential Camera Skills”, because you’re going to be shooting RAW and then you need to process your files before they can be shared with any one. After watching a lot of other youtube and skillshare tutorials on Lightroom workflows, I realised what this little course contains is actually far superior, exhaustive yet, presented in a digestible format. If you want to learn how to take okay-looking SOOC photos to WOW in 3-4 days tops, you need to get this course.

What’s even better, is that sweet Rob & Lauren are running a Black Friday sale of 40% off on ALL these courses. Go to their website:


And no, they aren’t paying me for this post and they don’t even know I’m writing this! I’m only sharing this with you intelligent readers because I have truly benefited from their courses. I’d pay multiple times what they charge for this content. And sharing this info with you is just a small way of me saying thanks to them for doing such wonderful work & service!

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