What Will Others Think Of Me: Dream Killer #1 and How to Get Over It

Today I’m talking about dealing with the Dream Killer #1 and how to GET OVER IT.

I’m talking about the “What will others think of me” syndrome.

Most adults suffer or have suffered from this syndrome at some point or the other. I know I have. To give you a brief background to my story – I used to be a corporate lawyer working on “exciting” mergers and acquisitions. Except none of that excited ME. Leaving my cushy job at a top tier corporate law firm, and also leaving the law completely (something that I’d invested more than 9 years of my life into) was not an easy decision. But guess what. Leaving that job was the toughest thing I’d done. It was so much easier to start my own business, get clients, work with clients, grow my business etc (all of the “scary” sounding stuff), than it was to take that decision to stop doing something that only left me drained.

I know a lot of people who are so clearly talented in something that has nothing to do with the job they’re in. Now, i’m not advocating that you quit your job without savings or without a plan in hand, but don’t be afraid to dream. To consider an alternate reality for yourself.

Yes there will be haters. I’ve even written an article on how to deal with them here. It will be tough for a first few years, but nothing worth having was created by following the herd.

If you are curious about some opportunity, or just want to get yourself out of a rut, if you want to feel something about the work you do, then try changing something. As long as you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep receiving the same results. If you want to change your life, your circumstances, then you need to change it. Nobody else is living your life for you. So stop thinking about what other people think about you. Instead YOU think about yourself and your well being. Give yourself a chance. Just have faith and you will soon see magic.

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What will others think of me if i follow my passion

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