Free Etsy Shop Cover Template and Shop Icon Template

If you’ve been looking for a FREE Etsy Shop Cover Template and a free Shop Icon Template, then my friends you have reached the right place. Today I’m feeling super generous, so I messed around on Photoshop and created this sweet two piece freebie JUST FOR YOU to give you a head start on your new project!

Before we head to the free shop cover template and shop icon template, lets go over some basics (which will hold you in hold you in good stead when you later go for a redesign).

Some key objectives of a great Etsy Shop Cover are:

  • To impress the key ideals of your brand aesthetic
  • To create a cohesive look which can be recognised from your website (if you have one) and social media accounts, so that your customers can recognise something that has come from YOU
  • To facilitate attention on your latest products, deals, offerings (and not distract from it)

So, aim for a Etsy Shop Cover and Shop Icon set which is:

  • Consistent with your overall brand colors (eg: if your brand colors are blush and gold, don’t make your shop something that is NOT those two very colors)
  • Consistent with the kind of graphics you use on your website and/or social media profiles: Remember that consistency is KEY. You want your target audience to see your post on Instagram and instantly be served a mental screenshot of your shop front (it will happen if you use consistent graphics!)
  • Stand out from your competitors: Tempting as it may be, it is not advisable to go with graphics which look too similar to something others in your industry use. It can cause brand confusion and even if say your customer is impressed with your product, but don’t remember the name of your store and remember the other store, the next time they’re online, they may directly head to that other shop and make a purchase. So, stand out, but be consistent within your branding aesthetic. Again, to clarify, I don’t mean that if a competition has a blush and gold theme, then you can’t have that too. It just means that say if they have a blush and gold theme with geometric patterns and straight lines, then you can also have blush and gold, but go with a softer floral style, or with a watercolor style, or a fabric based style.

Now that we have our aims and objectives in designing an Etsy shop banner kit in place, let’s actually design one!

You need these pieces at the minimum:

  • Shop Banner – 1200 x 300 pixels
  • Shop Icon – 500 x 500 pixels

One extra kind of piece you can use is (but it’s not necessary):

  • Listing Template for Reserved Listings/ Custom Orders

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