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Hi friends!

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During this Covid Quarantine time, I’ve been taking the time to look at different aspects of my business and asking myself whether I want to keep it the way it is, discard it, or make it better?

This is a question that I want to ask myself more often than I actually do, often just letting momentum carry me along in its course. One of the things that I’m thinking about is this Blog.

Back when I’d started my photography business (if you’re new here, I’m a corporate lawyer turned photographer turned licensing artist, you can read my story here), my blog was the main tool that helped me be found by local clients. It was a portfolio cum marketing channel all rolled into one.

But, that was back in 2015, and things have changed since then. Social media, particularly Instagram has changed so much since then, and people are spending so much time there!! Yet, I haven’t seen much leads coming in from Instagram. And I know some people do find me via my tutorials on my Blog here.

Writing blog posts and creating tutorials is very time consuming – as is writing Instagram posts. I want to do both, and can’t really decide which one I should focus more on. It’s been this way for the past couple of years really.

My biggest challenge has been to really prepare things in advance and schedule them (the way I schedule my Pinterest posts using Tailwind– you can get $15 credit when you use this link to get Tailwind Plus).

I just don’t know why, but I’m a much more of a spontaneous, but organised kind of worker. I like to know what I’m doing the next day, but I don’t like having my entire next quarter’s worth of content/ products fixed in stone. If I spontaneously take a tutorial out, it gets done, but if sits in my list of 5 specific tutorials I want to batch product, it just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen, friend!! I don’t know why!


I’m thinking I will play by the ear and try to revive this blog a bit. Even if not for marketing, then at least as a journal of my days at work here! I love it when an old post from my photography blog pops up here or there and it takes me down nostalgia lane. I myself love stalking the blogs of people that I admire and have learnt SO MUCH from their blogs. So I also look at keeping a somewhat up to date blog (even if it is only filled with personal musings such as this post!) as a way to pay it forward.

I also think this is a great way to share the artwork I’ve been creating for Instagram on my website / blog here! Feel free to save these and use them as your iPhone lockscreen / wallpaper.

Artwork used:

Greenery Foliage Watercolour Clip Art

Blush and Dusty Blue Watercolor Flowers Clipart

Motivational Quote Poster, Inspirational Quote with Watercolor Flowers Iphone Lockscreen Wallpaper from Essem Creatives

2 thoughts on “Hopes for this Blog

  1. Hopefully this comment, and perhaps many others like it can help influence your decision making in this matter.. I am a newer designer (2 yrs) and have just started working as a freelance designer under a business name. I get a lot of help from blogs like yours on how to start a business.. I don’t use Instagram at all. So I ONLY visit your blog, Pinterest, and your Etsy shop. I appreciate all your business help!

    1. Hi Niki, Thank you so much for the encouragement. I plan on posting more on this topic, hope it’s helpful to you!

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