August: Life of a watercolor artist

Hi friends! I’m here today with a chatty post. Sit down with a cup of tea (or if you’re like me, with some Ginger Ale / Coconut water) and let’s talk!

A month in the lfie of a watercolor artist | August | Essem Creatives Personal Blog Post

First of all, I want to give you an update on my social media free life since my post announcing that I was going to be off Instagram. It’s been a little over a month since I last logged into Instagram. Honestly, it’s been great so far. I haven’t felt the need to login really. I do check for DMs on my browser because I don’t want to miss out on service queries from my customers. My brain feels lighter with less information and less inspiration. When I’m researching for a new project and am in the process of collection inspiration / reference images, I just head to Pinterest. On Pinterest, it’s quite impossible for me to “go down a rabbit hole”, and it’s not personal at all, so I don’t feel the negative emotions arising out of comparison that too much Instagram scrolling can cause. I’ve also found it easier to be more productive because I’m not checking my phone every 20 minutes.

For months, actually years, I’d been wanting to run a kit naming competition on my Instagram, but I never got around to it because I’d think “What’s even the point? No one will see my post.” But once I got off of Instagram, I found the motivation and courage (?) to run this competition. The competition blew my mind! It was so amazing to see this level of participation – more than 50 people wrote in with their suggestions. I was so grateful to everyone who took the time, and it was a little win for me which proved that Instagram was not necessary for engaging directly with my lovely people!

I came out with 5 new products this month. I rediscovered my love of florals with Bordeaux and Sunflowers. It was just such a mesmerising experience to design those packs. I felt like I was carefully hand arranging real flowers. I also painted Halloween for the first time ever! Honestly, I’m not a big fan of spooky things. I don’t do horror movies and I’m not the first to jump in on scary things. BUT I really wanted to add Halloween to my collections. So I did it my way with a touch of cute & glam gold. I hope you all like it!


This month I also got into an agreement with a photobook company for a server license of some of my graphics. I am told they will go live in October, and I’ll be sure to share the details of it when it goes live! I also realised that I don’t have a proper section on this website with info on server licensing (which I do provide on request, like in this case), so I will be soon adding such a section here.

I’ve loved writing this catch up post, updating you on what’s been happening in my studio! I miss the spontaneity of Instagram stories at times, but I don’t think I ever wrote much on my Instagram posts any way. May be this is a better way for us to communicate? I hope you are having a lovely summer (or winter!!) wherever you are!

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A month in the lfie of a watercolor artist | August | Essem Creatives Personal Blog Post


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