Life & Shop Updates

Hello there and Happy Monday! I hope it’s been a good start to the week! This month has been a big one for us. My son turned 1! We hosted a birthday party which I had been planning for months. It was so much work – I have a lot of respect for people who regularly plan and throw parties! My poor baby got fever just the day before his birthday. He still somehow powered through his party, and even had fun at some points. But then we all came down with covid! After having avoided it for three whole years, it finally got us. Hah. Thankfully we are all recovered now. I have some lingering weakness, which I’m not sure is a part of post-covid, or from running after a baby-toddler all day long. Either way, it’s not easy!

This past year has taught me a lot about work, motherhood and balancing the two. To say it hasn’t been easy to do both is an understatement. The fact that they are both full time jobs and one person can only do so much at a time is something that I’ve really had the accept. At many points of time during this year, I’ve tried to come back to work with more routine and regularity, but every time we settle into a routine, it’s time for a change. Then the settling in period. Etc. Then, whoop, it’s time to change again!

In any case, for my shop and work, I hope 2023 proves to be fruitful! I also want to make some big changes to the backend of my website. I’ve been using WordPress and Woocommerce since I started this shop back in 2016. I’d now love to migrate to Shopify because, honestly I’m so tired to managing the whole array of admin tasks that is required to just keep the website running. It’s also very expensive. Has anybody done a migration from Woo to Shopify with a shop full of hundreds of products? The prospect is really daunting, and I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve also been working on a new Watercolor Greenery Eucalyptus set and have listed the alphabet packs from this line. While planning my son’s first birthday party, I realized I needed floral / theme based alphabets for so many decor elements! Very useful to have them handy! These will also work well for Mothers Day designs and summer events.

I hope you like these new products and I hope to hear back from you!

Greenery and Gold Eucalyptus Watercolor Floral Alphabet Clipart, Letters Digit Number Font Graphic Sublimation PNG by Essem Creatives
Greenery Eucalyptus Watercolor Floral Alphabet Clipart, Letters Digit Number Font Graphic Sublimation PNG by Essem Creatives

What do you think?