Baby Dinosaurs For the Perfect Kids Birthday Party!

Hi friends! Of late I have been thinking more about kid friendly themes and designs.

One very popular theme is Dinosaurs.

I have a bit of a personal love-hate relationship with baby dinos. Love, because of course they’re cute and cuddly, and little kids love them. But on the hate side, and this is not per se anything to do with dinosaurs themselves, but why is everything in the baby and kid world so very gendered? Why are all the lovely colors saved for girls clothes and merchandise while boys are left with browns, blues and yellows?

Why can’t boys wear florals?! Well, I did make mine wear some cute floral bodysuits as a cuddly 3 month old baby, but had to give them up pretty soon due to the repeated interrogation from strangers…

Here comes my love for dinos. It seems this is the one of the few “cute” themes that are acceptable for boys merchandise. Agh.

Most “boy dinos” are still in boring colors and all the fun colors are for the girls it would appear! Well, I have tried to remedy this and painted this gender neutral baby dino watercolor clip art set which is PERFECT for ANY lovely little kid’s birthday decor.

This set features delicious, vibrant colors. Colors that are not directly “labelled” as either boy or girl colors. Dinos that are painted in a cute and whimsical style, but are still ROARsome and will be loved by every kid – whether boy or girl!

Looking for the perfect clipart for your upcoming baby shower or birthday party? Featuring cute and cuddly baby dinos in pastel colors, this clipart set is perfect for creating invitations, party decor, or nursery art prints. From the spiky-tailed stegosaurus to the friendly brontosaurus, these dinosaurs in their soft pastel colors are perfect for digital invitations, printable decor, or custom nursery art prints, this clipart set is the perfect choice for any baby-themed project.

What do you think?