Why I do What I do – to Spread the Joy of Creating with your Hands

Sometimes, I like to take a step back and get super clear about why I do this. Why Essem Creatives? Why watercolor floral clipart? Why 10 minute tutorials on paper stationer? The simple answer is the joy of creating.

Additionally, I also do what I do to:

  • to have fun and spread love
  • to enable and encourage fellow creative souls to be able to express themselves
  • to provide high quality materials & on-point tutorials to people just like me who are strapped for time, but want to make something with their hands & share it with people they love

It’s really just that simple.

Sometimes I get side-tracked and get caught up between a million different things.

Sometimes I feel that there may be too many things asking for my attention and inputs.

The joy of Creating & Sharing here is  exactly what I need to keep myself sane! It’s a ritual for me – rise, create, share, repeat.

Making things with my hands is liberating and therapeutic at the same time. Expressing a vision which was just in my mind – and seeing it on paper, and then on designs – is uplifting. Receiving positive feedback from others that they love it too is delicious. Hearing that somebody else could bring their design dreams to life – quickly & easily – is the cherry on the pie.

My mission here to to help those who want to express themselves. I want to help you add a touch of beauty to an invitation card, or to add a little something extra to that personalised note card. I want to let you know that you can make beautiful things on your computer, using tools you already have, in under ten minutes. I want you to feel the joy of sharing your creative side with your friends & family. I want you to feel your heart glow with the joy & satisfaction when you receive compliments from your significant other, from your best friends who loved that little extra touch you put in.

And I want to help you do all of this in the easiest way possible. I want that if you have a question – you should find an answer here. That you shouldn’t have to wonder about how will you bring your dream invitations/stationery/decor to life. You shouldn’t have to wonder whether what you’re looking for even exists.

I want you to be able to trust this platform. That you will receive your artwork instantly – all ready to use. That you can get down to work whenever you want to – when you get that spark of inspiration! I want you to be inspired by the love & joy that goes into every single piece of art & every single word that comes on here.

I create & share so that I can help you create & share – while having fun at the same time.

That is my mission & that is why I’m here. Hope you have an incredible day filled with joy & of course, creative inspiration!

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