How to change colors of graphics & clipart on Photoshop

Today I’ll show you a quick and easy way to change colors of watercolor graphics & clipart on Adobe Photoshop.

Follow along with this video for step by step instructions:

Basically, you will need to use the Hue Saturation Sliders to change colors of images / graphics etc quickly & easily without losing the textural effects.

For further tweaking, you can use other color adjustment features like Color Balance.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Open the image

2. With the image layer selected, go to the menu bar and select Image – Adjustments – Hue Saturation

3. Adjust the sliders to get the color of your choice

4. You can also use the Color Balance sliders to tweak the colors

5. Done!

So next time you see a design you really love but wish it was in just a slightly different color, you can do change the color yourself!! I often included different colorways in my own watercolor design kits, but even then, it’s always nice to know how to do it yourself.

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