Winter Onederland First Birthday Party Theme Invitation Template, Decor ideas, Printables

Have a winter baby and planning their first birthday?

Or may be you are planning a Frozen ice / snow theme birthday for your little girl / boy?

Either way, a Winter Onederland or Winter Wonderland (!) birthday party would be just the thing!

Around these parts, Winter Onederland is a very popular theme for December and January birthdays. It starts warming up here by mid February, but in colder areas, I think it would suit for even a February or early March birthday party.

Of course, if it’s a theme inspired by the movie Frozen, then one could do it any time of the year, as the little one’s heart will be into this theme year round :)

Since I have branched out into offering stationery designs and templates for my customers, I have been steadily working on providing a fresh and modern look at these staple themes.

All the artwork you see in my designs are hand painted by me, are proprietary and you will not see them anywhere else. You will also not see the same old repetitive styles that many shops keep churning out like a factory. There is a lot of heart, soul and inspiration in creating these fresh, new designs from scratch, while still preserving the traditional touch. It’s tough, but also very very satisfying!

Without much further ado, in the new Snowflake theme, I have two designs:

A Winter Onederland Birthday Party Invitation Template (fully editable):

click on the image to go to the product listing (and try a demo if you wish!)

Winter Onederland Invitation Template, Snowflake Glitter Girl 1st Birthday Invite, Modern Winter Birthday Frozen Ice Snow, Editable Card 496

A Snowflake / frozen ice and snow themed Baby Shower Invitation Template:

Snowflake Baby Shower Invitation Template, Winter Wonderland Baby Shower, Girl Boy Winter Baby Shower, A little snowflake is on the way 496

These designs also include backside options. You can even add photos if you like. If you need matching designs with these, let me know. I will put them up.

I am working on new designs constantly, but also updating every theme with matching items as and when the request comes in, so do let me know!

What do you think?