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HOLLY JOLLY is a watercolor christmas clipart set. It includes christmas holly wreaths,... View

This clipart that I bought will help me deal with my Christmas greetings easily and burden free! I plan on printing some for my family and also sending a digitalized version to my friends abroad. This is gorgeous and looks handmade and fresh. I watched the tutorial and I know the process now, which is quite a relief for me. What more can I say? This is the solution for stress free holidays greeting cards.

'Fall Floral' is a set of hand-painted watercolor flowers, leaves, branches, bouquets... View

Review: Fall Floral Clipart I enjoy using the beautiful flowers and arrangements to create greeting cards for my friends and family. I also enjoy using them to add to my journal pages I create. The colors of the flowers are bright and cheerful. I recommend this product. Thank you

'Neutral Florals' is a set of hand-painted watercolor flowers clipart, textures, background... View

A wonderful collection of graphics from which you can create beautiful things. Beautiful colors, beautiful designs, wonderful whole